#017: Dave Holmes

As a 38 year old triathlete, Dave was confused when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes just days after completing the 2009 New York City Marathon. Fast forward six years later, after finally being diagnosed correctly, Dave found support from the Type One Run community to help conquer the real dangers of exercising—and living—with type 1.

#016: Jasmine Fouts

As a kid, Jasmine hid the fact that she had T1D. She wasn't ashamed or afraid of being judged but was doing it so that other people wouldn't worry about her. She acted like she didn't have T1D so that her friends and family wouldn't be burdened by her disease too. Her management suffered because of this until college, when she had to show three months of good control in order to get approved for an insulin pump. While she's maintained good control since then, she's rebuilt the trust between her and her family from all those years of lying about her blood sugars.

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#015: Deanna Paolantonio

After being diagnosed with T1D at 25 years old, Deanna had to figure out how to make it fit into her life of dance and fitness. She talks about finding a nurse who won’t hold her back, telling her coworkers about her T1D, and competing in a Tough Mudder race just months after diagnosis. Teaching Zumba provided her an outlet for comping with T1D, which informed her PhD research: she studies how dance can assist young girls with body image and self-esteem issues.

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#014: Will Pericak and Jordan Morris Talk T1D as Professional Athletes in Seattle

Will Pericak of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and Jordan Morris MLS player on the Seattle Sounders talk about not letting T1D stop them from playing and excelling at the sports they love.

This podcast is a partnership between JDRF and Beta Cell.

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